Irrigation Made
Easy, Anywhere

Soft Rain Irrigation is an eCommerce retailer of the
K-Line Irrigation system and its components.

Irrigation Made
Easy, Anywhere

Soft Rain Irrigation is an eCommerce retailer of the
K-LINE® Irrigation system and its components.

Your Irrigation Solutions

Here at Soft Rain, we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of quality products and customer service. Every irrigation situation is unique so let us help you find the right solution for your needs.


Farm Packs

K-LINE® Farm Packs combine all system components into a single, easily shippable, prepackaged item. The specially formulated, flexible yet durable, tubing and pods reduce the time and money spent on irrigation installation, operation, and maintenance. Easy installation makes for a great DIY project.

About Us

Get To Know Us

Soft Rain Irrigation is an eCommerce retailer of the K-LINE®Irrigation system and its components. K-Line Irrigation was developed in New Zealand for grass-based livestock producers but has since proven to be practical and effective in many other situations such as wildfire mitigation, dust suppression, vineyards, orchards, public greenspaces, sports fields, and more.

Competetive Advantage

Why Choose Us

K-Line’s practicality lies in its simplicity of design and construction from patented, long-lasting, durable poly components. K-Line systems offers the following benefits over many other traditional irrigation options:

Low Maintenance, Variable-Rate Application, Management Flexibility, Manipulate around Field Obstructions, Low Energy Costs, and more!


Tubing, with properties that permit it to be strong, yet just pliable
enough, means K-Line systems are easy to move and manipulate with an ATV.


K-Line systems can be designed to fit any shape of the property and
moved across any type of terrain as long as it can be traversed by an ATV. No more hills, trees, or waterways standing in the way of a perfect irrigation plan.

Management Flexibility

If your field or greenspace has areas that require special attention, either more or less water (or fertilizer), K-Line’s unique design permits that. With K-Line, every area of your field can be managed to suit its own specific needs.


The K-Line system permits slow, even infiltration of water into the soil; much like a soft rain. The soil profile gets watered deep enough to permit robust plant root development, improving plant vigor, production, and drought tolerance.

Home Irrigation

Irrigation keeps your home both safe and beautiful. Farm Packs have everything packaged together to support yards of all sizes.

Athletic Fields

Farm Packs are the perfect solution for irrigating athletic fields and are highly cost-effective for schools. It's the quickest, lowest labor irrigation system that can be 100% removed from the filed, permitting obstruction-free play.

Commercial Irrigation

Irrigation is a major component of golf courses, rodeo arenas, and race tracks of all kinds. K-Line Farm Packs make dust suppression, temporary irrigation, and achieving precise moisture content a breeze.