Why Soft Rain

Irrigation Made Easy, Anywhere

Soft Rain Irrigation is an eCommerce retailer of the K-Line Irrigation system and its components. K-Line Irrigation was developed in New Zealand for grass-based livestock producers but has since proven to be practical and effective in many other situations such as wildfire mitigation, dust suppression, vineyards, orchards, public greenspaces, sports fields, and more. K-Line’s practicality lies in its simplicity of design and construction from patented, long-lasting, durable poly components. K-Line Irrigation offers the following benefits over many other traditional irrigation options.


◉ No moving parts except the self-actuating sprinklers.

◉ Tubing, with properties that permit it to be strong yet just pliable enough, means it’s easy to move multiple sprinklers at one time with an ATV (or smaller systems by hand).


◉ K-Line systems can be designed to fit any shape of the property and moved across any type of terrain as long as it can be traversed by an ATV.

◉ K-Line is designed to fit each unique field and any obstructions that may be present within it such as fences, buildings, and trees. No need to manipulate your field to make irrigation possible.

Management Flexibility

◉ If your field or greenspace has areas that require special attention, either more or less water and/or fertilizer, K-Line’s unique design permits that. With K-Line, every area of your field can be managed to suit its own specific needs.

◉ Irrigating pasture in rotational grazing situations with traditional systems such as wheel lines or center pivots is challenging and even frustrating. K-Line was designed with the express goal of making irrigation and livestock management congruent and harmonious.


◉ The K-Line system permits slow, even infiltration of water into the soil; much like a soft rain. This means that the soil profile gets watered deep enough to permit robust plant root development, improving plant vigor, production, and drought tolerance.

◉ Water scarcity is now a norm and responsible management of it is vitally important. The K-Line system ensures you apply only as much water when and where needed; no excess runoff and no water applied to areas where it isn't beneficial.