4-Pod Farm Pack - 1.25" Tubing x 250 ft.


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 Pack Component Quantity
Standard Pods with U-Bolt  4
Tapping Saddles & 2 brass nuts, each 4
Part Circle by NAAN sprinklers
NAAN Sprinkler Adapters 4
NAAN Nozzles (Red, Orange, & Black) 4
K-Pipe (low-density tubing) 1 Roll / 250 ft.
Camlock Part A 1
Camlock Part D 1
Hex Nipple 1
Tow Cap 1
Male Coupling 3
Straight Coupling 1
6.5 ft. Shifter Rope 1
Thread Tape 1
13 mm Deep Socket 1
14 mm Spade Bit w/ Limiter 1
Drill Head Adaptor 1




Use the charts below as a guide to identify the appropriate pack size (and pack combination, if necessary) and nozzle size corresponding to your irrigation rate needs.

Note: Only Red, Orange, and Black nozzles are included in Farm Packs. You can purchase Purple, Green or Blue nozzles separately, here.