PortaTank by RX Plastics


The days of buying new plastic troughs, year after year, are gone!

Although portability and durability don’t often go hand-in-hand, the PortaTank is an exception! The tank itself weighs less than 26 lbs. but, because of the proprietary blend of low-medium density polyethylene, is incredibly shatter and crack resistant. The combination of portability, durability, and high-capacity recharge rate is sure to make this tank a favorite for rotational livestock graziers. 

It's lightweight enough to toss in the back of the truck or drag behind an ATV (even across gravel) but strong enough to hold up to freezing/thawing stress and repeated hoof action. 

One PortaTank should be suitable for 60-100 head of cattle in most situations. However, depending on water availability, may serve up to 300 head per tank. For larger herds, an expansion kit and additional tank(s) can be purchased so multiple tanks can run off the same water supply. This will also help minimize hoof action around a single tank and assist in preventing excessive soil compaction.


The PortaTank comes complete with everything a livestock owner will need, including...

  • High-flow valve from RX Plastics with 3/4" male inlet and float.
  • 1 1/4" tow cap/drain plug
  • 14" section of flexible 3/4", 200 PSI rubber hose
  • 164 feet of 20 mm (3/4") K-Pipe feedline 
  • 20 mm male coupling


  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Capacity: 47 US Gallons
  • Dimensions: 33" diameter x 22" high
  • Open Water Surface Area: 3.35 sq. ft. (access for 3-4 cows to drink at once)
  • Empty Weight (tank only): 26 lbs.
  • Empty Weight (including K-Pipe): 54 lbs.