Stainless Steel Drag Tank


This product is manufactured to order. Please allow 1-2 months for delivery from time of order placement.

K-Line North America's incredibly durable, long-lasting drag tank is perfect for rotational grazing situations. The frame-attached fittings allow the operator to drag the tank around while supply tubing is still connected to the underside, without concern for breaking connections.  


  • Wide base prevents tipping.
  • Long lasting stainless steel container and heavy steel frame ensure longevity. 
  • Center placement of fittings and float valve permits ease of placement on sidehills.
  • External fittings are attached directly to the frame via a bracket. This places less strain on the fittings while being towed, ensuring connections are less likely to break and saves time by not needing to disconnect the water source with each move.
  • Quick access lid protects float and connections in the middle compartment.
  • Designed to connect to durable, long-lasting 1.25" K-Line tubing (K-Pipe). K-Pipe is designed to be drug around pastures (even rocky ones), and walked on by livestock, without wearing down as other types of poly tubing will. 

Components Included:

  • (1) Float Valve (RXPTV20SA)
  • (2) Float Balls (RXBF150)
  • (1) Aluminum 1.25" Camlock Part A (KUR-12A)

Skid: 50" long x 33" wide

Height: 23"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Each (2) drinking spaces measure 16.5" x 14" (3.2 sq. ft. of surface area).

Optional Add-On Components

For connecting to 1.25" Camlock Part A provided with the tank...

For connecting K-Pipe to water supply...